Case 8

Modular Conveyor System

The challenge was to create a heavy duty roller conveyor that did not require the ongoing maintenance and adjustment of friction rollers or clutches normally encountered. An additional challenge was reduce the ongoing maintenance or pallet stops that take a continuous beating as 700 - 1000 pound pallet slammed into them.

The solution was to eliminate the clutch altogether! By using a unique electric motor to drive just one or two rollers an "electric clutch" was provided that eliminated all mechanical clutches. By adding a series of sensors and the required controls the conveyor was able to stop the pallet by reversing the electric motors - eliminating the mechanical stops altogether.  This conveyor was extremely reliable as nearly all wear items were removed.

It set a new standard for uptime within the customer's plants.

Conveyor maintenance dropped from two full time employees to 15 minutes per month.

(Click on the picture to view more information on this conveyor.)

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