Working cooperatively with those directly involved with the problem, our founder has led problem-solving teams to:

  • Add one reinforcing component to a guard hinge mechanism to reduce stress, deflection, and instability instead of redesigning the entire mechanism,
  • working with a motor manufacturer to develop a motor that worked as an “electric clutch” instead of finding ways to improve the existing mechanical clutch,
  • use multiple spinning ball nuts on a common ball screw instead of a complicated system of hydraulically clamping multiple individual stations to shafts driven by a common hydraulic cylinder.

Our founder has facilitated the development of creative solutions as a project manager, department manager and now as a consultant.  These solutions would not have been developed without the synergy created by the group’s combined experiences, skills and creativity.

“Paul was one of the most innovative, creative and motivated engineers I have ever worked with. His willingness to explore new ideas and technologies to infuse them into practical use was inspiring.”
      Michael  Whitney - Automation Associates of Watertown, Inc.

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