Put Innalytical’s problem-solving skills to work on
your engineering challenge.

“One of the sharpest most creative people I know. He comes up with great ideas and implements them extremely fast and accurate while always keeping an eye on the cost and performance. Easy to work with, listens attentively, keeps focused on the time line, and produces a great effective product.”
      Bob Tryber - Total Motion Technologies LLC

“Paul has been instrumental in managing both mechanical and servo driven engineering requirements at Titan. His designs have proven to be rock solid. More importantly, our customers have developed a long track record of satisfaction with his work.”
      Rick Ballo - Titan Systems

“I had the pleasure of working with Paul for many years at Gilman. He always impressed me with his knowledge, creativity and dedication to his work. Paul is one of the most detail oriented individuals I know. His ability to work through problems and think outside the box is a real asset. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a true professional in engineering.”
      Michael Greene - Gilman Engineering & Manufacturing

“Paul’s innovative R&D developments at Gilman provided a competitive advantage for winning new business. His engineering expertise and comprehensive knowledge of automation combined with fresh, creative approaches to problems can benefit any challenge.”
      Dave Shoemacher, Gilman Engineering & Manufacturing

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