Sample Solutions

Case 1
Electric Motor Assembly

Case 2
XYZ Table

Case 3
Floating Locating Pin


Case 4
Automated Circuit Breaker Test

test and pack small03

Case 5
Assembly System Simulation


Case 6
Master Fixture Calibration

Case 7
Hole Gauging with Vision

Case 8
Modular Roller Conveyor


Case 9
Modular Conveyor Corner


Case 10
Laser Pierce

Case 11
Gantry Tool Loader

Case 12
Programmable Part Handler

Case 13
Linear - Circular Assembly System

Case 14
Torque Converter Blade Insertion System

Case 15
Cycle Time Simulation

Case 16
Collet Design

collet small

Case 17
Hydraulic Component Assembly & Test #1

Case 18
Hydraulic Component Assembly & Test #2

Case 19
Steam Heater

Steam Heater-small

Case 20
Modular Lift Table

Hydraulic lift - small02

Case 21
Semi-Automatic Tire Assembly System

Tire Assembly

Case 22
Super Bowl 45 Telvision Stage

Tire Assembly

Case 23
Roof Rack Analysis

Tire Assembly

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