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Innalytical Solutions is a powerhouse of industrial knowledge. It is rare to find an engineering house that can efficiently incorporate the latest technological solutions in all the stages of automation including controls, motors, software, communications, tooling, machine structure and product innovation across a myriad of markets. I highly recommend Innalytical Solutions to anyone wishing to enhance their product or achieve a leaner manufacturing system. Paul has never ceased to amaze me on his engineering prowess and innovation when it comes to meeting a difficult product or automation challenge. I’ve seen him do the impossible in order to reduce manufacturing costs and enhance product quality, much to the dismay of his customer’s competition.

Joe Hernandez

Electromechanical Sales Solutioneer - Motion/Automation

very creative… talented in a wide range of fields… reasonable to work with… responsible for one of the most amazing automation systems I’ve ever seen

Simon Melikian

President/CEO, Recognition Robotics, Inc.

Paul has a gift of vision…to a level that few engineers possess. A truly unique talent that won’t allow him to accept the norm or status quo, but rather to visualize beyond design limitations… to conceive designs that take him way outside the box. This is accomplished with practicality in design and cost, while upholding the highest level of personal integrity and professionalism. It’s been a privilege to see Paul’s amazing design accomplishments take root from concept to completion over the past 11 years.

Lawrence R. Jacob

Partner / Senior Sales Engineer, Mtech Wisconsin, Inc

Original thinker… Always looks for a way to make a process or machine better.

Mike Whitney

Sales Engineer, Power/mation

the work is both creative and thorough – does not take short cuts to get to a solution – I have high confidence in his engineering ability and trust his work

Director of Engineering, Automotive stamping supplier

Outstanding Engineering skills – personal integrity – outstanding character

Engineering Department Manager, Assembly System Integrator

Paul’s experience was made very evident to us by the speed at which he mastered the SolidWorks software package. He is one of the few individuals that has taken and passed the CSWP test for SolidWorks in less than 12 months of being trained in the software. His knowledge of SolidWorks coupled with his years of industry experience will be invaluable to anyone who uses his services.

Mark Fischer

Sales Manager, Graphics Systems Corporation

One of the sharpest most creative people I know. He comes up with great ideas and implements them extremely fast and accurate while always keeping an eye on the cost and performance. Easy to work with, listens attentively, keeps focused on the time line, and produces a great effective product.

Bob Tryber

Owner, Total Motion Technologies LLC

Paul has been instrumental in managing both mechanical and servo driven engineering requirements at Titan. His designs have proven to be rock solid. More importantly, our customers have developed a long track record of satisfaction with his work.

Rick Ballo

Titan Systems

I had the pleasure of working with Paul for many years at Gilman. He always impressed me with his knowledge, creativity and dedication to his work. Paul is one of the most detail oriented individuals I know. His ability to work through problems and think outside the box is a real asset. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a true professional in engineering.

Michael Greene

Gilman Engineering & Manufacturing

Paul’s innovative R&D developments at Gilman provided a competitive advantage for winning new business. His engineering expertise and comprehensive knowledge of automation combined with fresh, creative approaches to problems can benefit any challenge.

Dave Shoemacher

Account Manager, ATS Automation Tooling Systems

We have had the pleasure of working with Paul for many years and he is very thorough and professional. Paul is a highly skilled engineer and completely hands on person. I would highly recommend Paul for anything in the scope of engineering and problem-solving.

Don Miller

JAC Manufacturing inc.

Paul was one of the most innovative, creative and motivated engineers I have ever worked with. His willingness to explore new ideas and technologies to infuse them into practical use was inspiring.

Mike Whitney

Owner, Automation Associates of Watertown, Inc.

That is such a simple idea! Why hasn’t anyone else thought of it?

Various customers