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Industrial Equipment

Innalytical Solutions provides consulting services relating to all types of automated industrial equipment.  We can provide expertise for your new design project, troubleshooting efforts, failure analysis, or machinery upgrade projects.

Our principal has been involved with dozens of different pieces of industrial equipment throughout his career.

Please review our collection of sample projects below.

Client Comments

Innalytical Solutions is a powerhouse of industrial knowledge. It is rare to find an engineering house that can efficiently incorporate the latest technological solutions in all the stages of automation including controls, motors, software, communications, tooling, machine structure and product innovation across a myriad of markets. I highly recommend Innalytical Solutions to anyone wishing to enhance their product or achieve a leaner manufacturing system. Paul has never ceased to amaze me on his engineering prowess and innovation when it comes to meeting a difficult product or automation challenge. I’ve seen him do the impossible in order to reduce manufacturing costs and enhance product quality, much to the dismay of his customer’s competition.

Joe Hernandez

Electromechanical Sales Solutioneer - Motion/Automation

Paul has been instrumental in managing both mechanical and servo driven engineering requirements at Titan. His designs have proven to be rock solid. More importantly, our customers have developed a long track record of satisfaction with his work.

Rick Ballo

Titan Systems

Sample Industrial Equipment Projects

Machine Tool Update

The challenge was to extend the life of a 35+ year old machine tool.  The control hardware was no longer supported and failures were becoming more common.  After servicing the machine for more than four years it was finally impossible to find replacement components.

It was agreed that the long-term solution was to replace both the controller and servo drives of the large boring bar. 

Brush Trim Cell

Brush Trim Cell

The challenge was to trim the bristles of a molded brush head that came in a range of sizes and shapes.

The solution was a simple cell adjustable motions that allowed the brush diameter to be set anywhere within a defined range.  The corner radius could also be adjusted within a wide range.

Insulated Glass Panel

The challenge was to assemble insulated glass panels utilizing a very unique spacer between the glass panels.

The solution included a spacer transport system, a rotary assembly / forming station, as well as a gas fill station.

Robotic Assembly & Packaging Cell

The challenge was to install various components into injection molded parts coming directly from the injection molding machine.

The solution was a robotic cell with interchangeable tooling that allowed 11 different automotive parts to be assembled and packaged for shipment to the assembly plant.

Broaching Dial Redering

Tumbler Broaching Cell

The challenge was to automatically broach the slots in a small lock tumbler.

The solution was dial based cell that could broach and inspect the lock tumbler.

Semi-Automatic Tire Assembly

The challenge was to provide a machine that would disassemble a three piece rim assembly and then assemble the complete pneumatic tire. The tires are used used on off-road equipment excavating equipment and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. The tire design presented many ergonomic and safety issues as the tires range in size from 50” to 65” in diameter and from 12” to 24” in width.

The final machine automatically removed the “lock ring” that keeps the rim parts securely connected but provided an ergonomic method of re-installing the lock ring after the tire had been installed.

Modular Lift Table

The challenge was to design a scissors lift table that could be readily converted from hydraulic to pneumatic power or changed between three different lifting capacities.

The solution was a modular design with bolted joints. Five basic frame sizes are utilized to build the seven standard configuration. These standard frames are then mated to one of fifteen standard table tops or optional modules such as a tilt table.

Steam Heater

The challenge was to design a  mechanism to drive an internal adjustment (regulation) using an external electric motor, while also providing feedback from the adjustment mechanism, or by using a hand tool.

The solution was a unique combination of drive components which is proprietary to our customer.

In addition to the mechanical design, we also conducted Finite Element Analysis of various components.

Fuel Tank Leak Test

Fuel Tank Leak Test

The challenge was to design a system to leak test a fuel tank, by dunking the pressurized tank under water, with the ability to easily locate the source of the leak.

The solution was a mechanism that lowered the fuel tank into the dunk and then rotate the tank so all sides were visible under water.

Hydraulic Valve Test Stand

Hydraulic Valve Test Stand

The challenge was to test a wide variety of hydraulic valve packs in a single test stand.

The solution was test stand with modular fixtures that adapted the different valve packs to the test stand.