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The challenge was to provide a machine that would disassemble a three piece rim assembly and then assemble the complete pneumatic tire.  The tires are used on off-road equipment excavating equipment and weigh up to 1,500 pounds.  The tire design presented many ergonomic and safety issues as the tires ranged in size from 50” to 65” in diameter and from 12” to 24” in width.

A concept was proposed that assisted the operator with as much of the disassembly & reassembly process as possible while providing as safe an environment for the operator as possible.  The proposal was accepted and the machine was purchased with a 24 week delivery.

The final machine automatically removed the “lock ring” that kept the rim parts securely connected but provided an ergonomic method of re-installing the lock ring after the tire had been installed.

In addition to leading the mechanical design, we also created the logic which controls the machine and a user-friendly operator interface which accommodates up to 16 different rim sizes.

Photos courtesy of Titan Systems.