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In 2018 Mr. Terpstra served as an expert in a case between an automotive company, a first-tier supplier and a second-tier suppler.

At the request of defense council, Foley, Baron, Metzger & Juip, he reviewed thousands of pages of documents from all three parties relating to a quality issue with a part manufactured by the second-tier supplier.  A report was created relating to responsibility for the quality issue according to standard quality practices.

Mr. Terpstra was deposed for this case but the case was settled before testimony was required.

Case Details:
State of Michigan, The Circuit Court for the County of Oakland, Business Court.
General Motors, LLC vs. Magna Powertrain of America, Inc. vs. Feintool Tennesee, Inc.
Case No. 2017-160166-CB

Industrial Equipment Expert - Depositions